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New Series, Volume XII, no. 1 (2020)


(ISSN: 2040-1876)

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Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford Online

ISSN: 2040-1876 New Series, Volume XII, no. 1 (2020)

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Fifty years of JASO (Robert Parkin), i

Obituary: Nicholas Justin ‘Nick’ Allen, 1939-2020 (Robert Parkin), 1-13

Alina Berg, Faith and agency on the Camino: walking between shared ‘substance’ and cultural (dis)appearance, 14-43

Deepak Prince, A stain in the picture, 44-68

Benedict Taylor-Green, ‘To anthropology, from meat prison’, 69-91

Yura Yokoyama, From ethnic settlement to cultural coexistence: German and Japanese gaúchos in Ivoti and indicators of culturally symbiotic place-making, 92-109

Anita Sharma, The Bakkarwal of Jammu and Kashmir: negotiating the commons, 110-120


Holger Jebens (ed.), Nicht alles verstehen: Wege und Umwege in der deutschen Ethnologie (Robert Parkin), 121-124

Konstantinos Kalantzis, Tradition in the frame: photography, power, and imagination in Sfakia, Crete (Roger Just),  125-127

Darryl Li, The universal enemy: jihad, empire, and the challenge of solidarity (Jessie Barton-Hronešová), 128-130


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