Lecture list

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Postgraduate Lectures and Seminars

Urban Ethnography

Dr A. De Souza Santos

M.2-3.30 (wks 1-4)

F.2-3.30 (wk 1 only)

64 Banbury Road

MSc Dissertation Class (MA)

Prof. E. Hsu & others

T.10-12 (wks 1-4)

61 Banbury Road

Ethnicity and Nationalism

Prof. M. Banks

T.12 (wks 1-4)

Human Sciences


Current Themes

Dr I. Daniels

T.2 (wks 2)

T.2-5 (wk 3)

64 Banbury Road

PRS Class

Prof. S. Ulijaszek & Prof. D. Zeitlyn

T.12 (wks 1-3)

43 Banbury Road

Topics in Japanese Anthropology

Prof. R. Goodman

W.11-1 (wks 1-4)

Nissan Institute

Graduate Research Seminar

Dr E. Ewart


43 Banbury Road

Examination Preparation Session (SA)

Dr D. Pratten &  Dr R. Sarro

Th.11-12.30 (wk 2)

64 Banbury Road

Cultural Representations

Prof. M. Banks

Th.12 (wks 1&2)

PRM Lecture Theatre

VMMA Class

Prof. M. Banks

Th.2-4 (wks 1-5)

PRM Lecture Theatre

Marett Memorial Lecture

Prof. Richard Fardon 

F.5 (wk 1)


Exeter College


Departmental Seminar

Dr G. Angel, Dr A. Gutierrez, Dr O. Owen & Dr I. Zharkevich


(wks 2-5)

64 Banbury Road

Other Postgraduate Lectures and Seminars

Unit for Biocultural Variation and Obesity

Prof. S. Ulijaszek

T.2.30-4 - wk 1

Th.1 - wks 2, 4 Th.12-2 wk 3

61 Banbury Road

Primate Conversations Seminar

Dr S. Carvalho

W.4 – wk 2&3

M.4 – wk 4&6

F.1 – wk 4

64 Banbury Road

Eastern Medicines and Religions

Prof. E. Hsu


(wks 1,2,3,5)

Human Sciences

Language and Anthropology

Prof. D. Zeitlyn


(wks 1,3,5)

51 Banbury Road

Evans-Pritchard Lectures

Dr A. Elliot


(wks 3-6)

Old Library, All Souls

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