JASO 1990-1995

The Editors  Obituary notice: Andrew Duff-Cooper  1

Peter A. Lienhardt  Disorientations - part three (edited with an introduction by Ahmed Al-Shahi)  3-18

Tony Free  The politics and philosophical genealogy of Evans-Pritchard's The Nuer  19-39

T. Wright  The fieldwork photographs of Jenness and Malinowski and the beginnings of modern anthropology  41-58

David Zeitlyn  Do Mambila cockerels lay eggs? Reflections on knowledge and belief  59-64

T. V. Sathyamurthy, Hugh Beattie, and Jeremy Coote  Obituary - John Hugh Marshall Beattie 1915-1990 [Obituary, Select bibliography, and OUAS]  65-73

Book Reviews  75-98


Rodney Needham  Obituary - Andrew Duff- Cooper 1947-1991  197

Thomas R. Trautmann  Whig ethnology from Locke to Morgan  201-18

Janusz Mucha  Ritualization as substitution  219-34

Malcolm Bull  Selective naturalization: W. G. Runciman's social theory [review]  235-44

Peter A. Lienhardt  Disorientations - part four  245-62

Abstracts of Theses 1990  263-7

Book Reviews  269-90

Index Vol. 22/1-3


Godfrey Lienhardt  Frazer's anthropology: science and sensibility  1-12

Gregory van Alstyne  The unvoiced text - allusion in Malawian sung poetry  13-32

Simon Sinclair  The present tense again  33-48

Georg Pfeffer  Dispersed alliance, terminological change and evidence [comments on RJ Parkin in JASO 1992 (23:3) 253-62, with a reply by RJ Parkin]  49-63

Fiona Bowie  Anthropology and missionaries [comments on special issue of JASO 1992 (23:2)]  64-6

Jeremy Coote  Malinowski the photographer [comments on T Wright JASO 1991 (22:1) 41-58]  66-9

Stephen Hugh-Jones  Useful arts - artful utensils (basketmakers - meaning and form in native American baskets)  71-7

Book Reviews  78-98


Peter Rivière  Godfrey Lienhardt [17.1.1921 to 9.11.1993]  100-104

Edwin W. Ardener  The 'personal enemy' in African politics [with introduction by D Zeitlyn]  105-10

John Knight  The Danish pavilion in Kyoto: tracing the local career of a world fair exhibit  111-118

N. J. Allen  Debating Dumezil: recent studies in comparative mythology  119-132

Andrew Duff-Cooper  Values and hierarchy in the study of Balinese forms of life: on the applicability of Dumontian perspectives and the ranking of contexts  133-152

Georg Pfeffer  Parkin's evidence [comments on RJ Parkin in JASO 1993 (24:1) 54-63]  153-7

Robert Parkin  Second reply to Pfeffer  158-63

Terence Wright  Malinowski and the imponderabilia of art and photography  164-65

Book Reviews  167-95


N. J. Allen  Lynn Teskey 7 January 1949 - 1 March 1995  228

Serge Tcherkézoff  Hierarchical reversal ten years on (Africa, India, Polynesia), (2): Rodney Needham's Counterpoints  229-53

Peter Rivière  WYSINWYG in Amazonia  255-62

James F. Weiner  The politics of selfhood and gender in New Guinea  263-8

Comment (R. Parkin: Response to Shapiro; M. L. Ryder: New thoughts on the pig meat taboo; R. H. Barnes: Chicken Golok)  269-75

Abstracts of Theses 1993  277-85

OUAS Report on Activities for 1993-1994

Book Reviews  287-318

Index Vol. 25/1-3

Ian Fowler and David Zeitlyn  Introduction to special issue ['Mama for story': studies in the ethnography of Cameroon in honour of Sally Chilver]  1-4

Sally Chilver, Mitzi Goheen (ed.) and Eugenia Shanklin (ed.)  Accidental collisions: A personal memoir  5-19

Viviane Baeke  Wuli witchcraft  21-41

Hermann Gufler  Yamba spider divination  43-67

Hans-Joachim Koloss  Kefuh myin: a therapeutic medicine in Oku  69-79

Charles-Henry Pradelles de Latour  The initiation of the dugi among the Péré  81-6

Jean Hurault  History of the Mambila chiefdom of Mbor (Sonkolong)  87-98

David Zeitlyn  Eldridge Mohammadou on Tikar origins  99-104

Sally Chilver  Letter to V.G. Fanso  105-10

Anonymous  Bibliography of Sally Chilver  111-17

Book Reviews  119-42