So much of our lives is in constant motion. People, ideas, cultures and objects all move. 


Work here at the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography touches on mobility in many ways. The migration focused work of the Centre on Migration, Policy & Society (COMPAS) contributes enormously to this field. The Social Body Lab in Human Sciences looks at mobility in terms of physical activity. And there is a rich vein of study of items that have come from around the world to the collection of the Pitt Rivers Museum.  

In contrast the Emptiness Project looks at what is left behind when people move. 

'Understanding people’s movement choices is crucial for policy both responding to and shaping the emergence of urban areas.'

PEAK Global Report, 2023 

Francisco Obando, Juan Carlos Duque, Michael Keith, Susan Parnell, Andrew Tucker, Stephanie Debere


Publications relating to mobility from members of staff

Explore a range of publications connected to mobility. These publications are by current members of the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography but some have been published whilst they were at other institutions.

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