JASO 1980-1985

Roger Just  Fathers and fathers-in-law [Mediterranean kinship]  157-69

Mike Hitchcock  Byways in Oxford anthropology: selections from the minutes of the Oxford University Anthropological Society [II]  170-1

Michael Carrithers  Ritual and emotion [review article on 'Day of shining red: an essay on understanding ritual', by G. Lewis]  172-80

Philip Kreager  On the changing centre of gravity in population studies [review article on 'Human adaptation and population growth: a non-Malthusian perspective', by D.S. Kleinman]  181-8

Brian Murdoch  On calling other people names: a historical note on 'marching rule' in the Solomon islands  189-96

R. H. Barnes  Fingertips and numbers [Kedang material]  197-206

Virginia Allon  The cultural usage of space: towards social reconstruction in archaeology  207-10

Book Reviews  211-34

Index Vol. 11/1-3


Paul Dresch  The several peaces of Yemeni tribes [comment on 'Fathers and fathers-in-law', by R. Just]  73-86

A. Al-Shahi  Pride and vilification: two tribal viewpoints  89-102

Roxane Zand  Western views of Iranian women: a brief overview  103-9

Peter Lienhardt  Logical grandmothers [review article on 'Wisdom from the Nile: a collection of folk-stories from the northern and central Sudan', translated by A. al-Shahi and F.C.T. Moore]  110-13

Jeremy Coote  Byways in Oxford anthropology: members past and present. I. Professor Meyer Fortes  114-115

Edwin Ardener  The problem of dominance  116-21

James L. Peacock  That third stream: Weber, Parsons, Geertz  122-9

Roger M. Keesing  Still further notes on 'Maasina rule' [comment on 'On calling other people names: a historical note on "marching rule" in the Solomon islands', by B. Murdoch]  130-4

Book Reviews  135-49


E.E. Evans-Pritchard  Durkheim (1858-1917)  150-164

Victor Karady  French ethnology and the Durkheimian breakthrough  165-76

Crystyn Cech  Malinowski: Edgar, Duke of Nevermore  177-83

Godfrey Lienhardt  The Sudan: aspects of the south: government among some of the Nilotic peoples, 1947-52  185-98

Douglas H. Johnson  Percy Coriat on the Nuer  199-206

Book Reviews  216-27

Index Vol. 12/1-3


Gregory Forth  Sumbanese finger names: some comparative remarks  231-42

Elizabeth Tonkin  Rethinking socialization  243-56

Elizabeth Edwards  Some problems with photographic archives: the case of C.W. Dammann  257-61

Sybil Wolfram  Anthropology and morality  262-74

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto  Medieval ethnography  275-86

J. D. H. Collinson  There is an albatross in the sky [comment on 'Seeing Africa', by R. Willis]  287-91

Mary Picone  Observing "les observateurs de l'homme": impressions of contemporary French anthropology in context  292-9

Book Reviews  187-224

Index Vol. 13/1-3


R. H. Barnes  The Leiden version of the comparative method in southeast Asia 87-110

Rita Astuti  The exploited daughter: lessons in the field  111-16

Leonidas Sotiropoulos  A suggestion [on fieldwork]  117-20

Andrew Duff-Cooper  Ethnographic notes on two operations of the body among a community of Balinese on Lombok  121-42

Jeremy Coote  Byways in Oxford Anthropology  143-4

Jeremy MacClancy  Melanesian Medley (Review Article)  145-52

Book Reviews  153-66