Who Are 'We'?

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Who Are 'We'? Reimagining Alterity and Affinity in Anthropology edited by Liana Chua and Nayanika Mathur 

Who Are 'We'? Reimagining Alterity and Affinity in Anthropology co-edited by Nayanika Mathur has just been published by Berghahn Books (New York). The book is a collection of essays by leading anthropologists from around the world who come together to query assumptions of a collective disciplinary identity. The book provocatively asks, who do “we” anthropologists think “we” are? And how do forms and notions of collective disciplinary identity shape the way we think, write, and do anthropology? This volume explores how the anthropological “we” has been construed, transformed, and deployed across history and the global anthropological landscape. Drawing together both reflections and ethnographic case studies, it interrogates the critical—yet poorly studied—roles played by myriad anthropological “wes'" in generating and influencing anthropological theory, method, and analysis. In the process, new spaces are opened for reimagining who “we” are – and what “we,” and indeed anthropology, could become. 

An open access introduction to the book is available here: