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Afterword: Violence and the State in South Asia

Gellner, D

Sheldon Pollock and Max Weber: Poles Apart?

Gellner, D

Civilization as a Key Guiding Idea in South Asia

Gellner, D
Edited by:
Hann, C

Politics of Buddhism in Nepal

Gellner, DN

Remembering Ambedkar in Bangalore

Gellner, D

Source Force

Gellner, DN, Snellinger, A

How BJP Won Hearts and Minds in UP

Gellner, D

Understanding Modi’s Magic: Impressions from Eastern UP

Gellner, D

National Identity and Belonging

Gellner, D

The Idea of Nepal

Gellner, DN

Religion, Secularism, and Ethnicity in Contemporary Nepal

Gellner, DN, Hausner, SL, Letizia, C

New Identity Politics and the 2012 Collapse of Nepal's Constituent Assembly: When the dominant becomes 'other'

Adhikari, KP, Gellner, DN

Comment on Chris Hann "A Concept of Eurasia"

Gellner, D

From Kathmandu to Kent: Nepalis in the UK

Gellner, D

Buddhist, Hindu, Kiranti, or Something Else?

Gellner, DN, Hausner, SL, Shrestha, BG

Borderland Lives in Northern South Asia Non-State Perspectives

Gellner, DN

Multiple versus unitary belonging: How Nepalis in Britain deal with 'religion'

Gellner, DN, Hausner, SL


Smith, R

Nationalism and Ethnicity in a Hindu Kingdom The Politics and Culture of Contemporary Nepal

Gellner, D, Pfaff-Czarnecka, J, Whelpton, J

Category and Practice as Two Aspects of Religion: The Case of Nepalis in Britain

Hausner, SL, Gellner, D

Uncomfortable antinomies: Going beyond methodological nationalism in social and cultural anthropology

Gellner, DN

Belonging, indigeneity, rites, and rights: The newar case

Gellner, DN

Shrines and identities in Britain's Nepali diaspora

Gellner, DN, Hausner, SL, Laksamba, C, Adhikari, KP

Introduction: Making civil society in South Asia

Gellner, D

Surveying activists in Nepal

Gellner, DN, Karki, MB
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