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Actor-Network Theory

Experiments in Participation

THE WILD INDOORS: Room-Spaces of Scientific Inquiry

Crafting a public for geoengineering.

Responsible Innovation and political accountability: genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil

Twilight in the leadership playground: subrealism and the training of the business self

Missing the (question) mark? What is a turn to ontology?

Containment and competition: Transgenic animals in the One Health agenda

Containment and competition: transgenic animals in the One Health agenda.

Democracy in America 3D

The Pharmaceutical Commons: Sharing and Exclusion in Global Health Drug Development.

Urban mosquitoes, situational publics, and the pursuit of interspecies separation in Dar es Salaam.

In the Political Laboratory: Kurt Lewin's Atmospheres

The escalating politics of 'Big Biology'


The wrong bin bag: A turn to ontology in science and technology studies?

Walking or Waiting? Topologies of the Breeding Ground in Malaria Control

Ergonomics of democracy

In the Political Laboratory: Kurt Lewin's Atmospheres

Technology, legal knowledge and citizenship: On the care of locked-in syndrome patients

Endless Qualifications, Restless Consumption: The Governance of Novel Foods in Europe

The Pragmatic Sanction of Materials: Notes for an Ethnography of Legal Substances

Provocative containment and the drift of social-scientific realism

Introduction: The challenge of crisis and catastrophe in law and politics

Materials and devices of the public: An introduction

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