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Existential Sovereignty: Latvian People, Their State, and the Problem of Mobility

The Timespace of Emptiness

Population displacement in Lithuania in the twentieth century: experiences, identities and legacies (On the boundary of two worlds: identity, freedom, and moral imagination in the Baltics, vol 43)

Lessons for Liberalism from the ‘Illiberal East’

The (In)Significance of Latvia in the Battle Between Good and Evil

Emptiness and its futures

Introduction: Desire for the political in the aftermath of the cold war

The left side of history: World War II and the unfulfilled promise of communism in Eastern Europe

Desire for the Political in the Aftermath of the Cold War

School of Europeanness: Tolerance and other lessons in political liberalism in Latvia

“Latvians do not understand the greek people”: Europeanness and complicit becoming in the midst of financial crisis

Coherent Selves, Viable States: Eastern Europe and the "Migration/Refugee Crisis"

We want to hear from you: reporting as bordering in the political space of Europe.

Brexit Referendum: first reactions from anthropology

Independence is not always what it seems

Eastern Europe, the Moral Subject of the Migration/Refugee Crisis, and Political Futures

Tanya: A migration story

The “new other” and the liberal-left

Refugee crisis, compassion and Eastern Europe

Bordering encounters, sociality and distribution of the ability to live a ‘normal life’

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Practices and Politics of Rural Living in Latvia: An Interdisciplinary View

Historical agency and the coloniality of power in postsocialist Europe

The Great Departure: Rethinking National(ist) Common Sense

Don't Fence Me In: Barricade Sociality and Political Struggles in Mexico and Latvia

Departure and Emptiness in the Latvian Countryside: Between Lost and Possible Futures

'Danes' in the Latvian Countryside: Myths and Critique of Post-Soviet Agrarian Capitalism

Notes on Emptiness and the Importance of Maintaining Life

Public Reason and the Limits of Liberal Anti-Racism in Latvia

Emptiness: Living Capitalism and Freedom in the Latvian-Russian Borderlands

The Great Departure: Rethinking National(ist) Common Sense

’Know your diaspora!’ Knowledge production and governing capacity in the context of Latvian diaspora politics