The Evolution of Social Complexity

How have rituals contributed to the evolution of social complexity? SESHAT: GLOBAL HISTORY DATABANK ➞ will enable us to test a range of hypotheses about the evolution of social complexity, including the role of rituals in that process. A major puzzle in the study of cultural evolution is how small-scale human groups made the transition to larger-scale, hierarchically more complex ones. As well as addressing this puzzle empirically we are developing spatially explicit agent based models as a first step toward understanding the ecological dynamics of small- and large-scale human groups. 

Oxford Team:
Ken Kahn
Harvey Whitehouse

Joanna Bryson (Bath)
Thomas Currie (Exeter)
Kevin Feeney (Dublin)
Pieter François (Hertfordshire)
Michael Hochberg (Montpellier)
Daniel Mullins (Hertfordshire)
Gul Deniz Salali (London)
Peter Turchin (Connecticut)


Selected Publications

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17 September 2015, “Why Are Rituals Important?” A Conversation with Dr Daniel Mullins describing how SESHAT: The Global History Databank can help researchers examine the role of rituals in binding communities together throughout human history. The Evolution Institute 

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