Susana Kolb Cadwell

susana kolb cadwell

DPhil Student

Hertford College

Thesis: Environmental change and diabetes: Mexican indigenous conceptualizations of the relationship between disease etiology, body, and space

Research summary: My doctoral research focuses on indigenous understandings of the causes of diabetes in Mexico, which point to complex ways of conceiving the relationship between environment, infrastructure, sociality, and disease. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the role played by the construction of the highway and the concomitant influx of chemicals in Totonac and Tseltal accounts of the arrival of diabetes in Puebla and Chiapas.

Research interests: Medical anthropology, anthropology of environment, infrastructure, social change, Amerindian and Mesoamerican societies, concepts of body/soul, psychoanalysis

Previous education:
MA in English and Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews (2011)
Master’s in Anthropology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (2015)