Sabrina Illiano

sabrina illiano

DPhil in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Wolfson College

Research key terms: cultural restitution, colonial loot, material heritage, nationalism, development, museum studies 

Research interests:  Sabrina is a DPhil candidate in social anthropology at the University of Oxford focusing on collections of African material culture in the UK with histories of colonial violence and contested ownership. Her current work explores how the socio-political meaning of the Maqdala 1868 expedition is made through the debates on the restitution of artifacts that were taken during this event. Her research interests include museum diplomacy, decolonization, military looting, and the relationship between heritage and development. In addition to her research, Sabrina collaborates with the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford on public engagement projects related to their holdings of Maqdala materials. 

Link to Maqdala project: