Professor Matthew Erie

Matthew Erie

Dr Matthew Erie is a socio-cultural anthropologist (Ph.D. Cornell 2013) and a comparativist lawyer (University of Pennsylvania J.D. 2008; Tsinghua University LLM 2008). His work uses non-Western law, namely that of China and Islam, to re-examine taken-for-granted assumptions concerning modern law, including conceptions of property, personhood, rights, ethics, and time. His research and teaching include law and society, anthropology of China, transnational Islam, and ethnographic methods. His doctoral work focused on the contemporary practice of Islamic law by Chinese Muslims (Hui) in northwest China. This work became the basis for his book, China and Islam: The Prophet, the Party, and Law (2016) with Cambridge University Press.  He is currently working on a second book examining transnational Sufi networks that extend across Central Asia, through China, and to India. He is also working on a number of related projects that focus on questions of security and terrorism and (anti-)corruption. He is a member of the American Anthropological Association, the Law and Society Association, and the New York bar.

Dr Erie is a faculty member of the Oriental Institute. For more information, please click here.