Priya Sajjad

priya sajjad

DPhil Student

Green Templeton College

Thesis: COVID-19 pandemic: Misinformation, people’s perceptions, and effects on society in Pakistan

Research: The COVID-19 pandemic is gravely affecting social, economic, and health systems across the world. I am interested in looking at how the pandemic is unfolding in Pakistan, where the medical infrastructure is not adequately equipped to respond to the crisis and people’s susceptibility to falling for medical misinformation is alarmingly high. The project adopts digital ethnography and semi-structured interviews to explore how social, political, and religious factors influence COVID-19 misinformation beliefs in Pakistan. Furthermore, in this project, I look at how consumption of information impacts people’s perceptions towards the pandemic and how do people distinguish between misinformation and real news.

Other research interests: bureaucracy, policy, health, digital anthropology, post-truth politics