Katarina Almeida-Warren

Katarina Almeida Warren
Magdalen College

Primate socio-ecology, primate archaeology, human evolution, origins and evolution of technology

Research Interests: I am a first year DPhil student under the supervision of Dr. Susana Carvalho. I am interested in chimpanzee tool-use as a comparative model for the interpretation of early hominin archaeological sites and the suite of behaviours they infer. Following the paradigm of Primate Archaeology, my doctoral research will be focusing on chimpanzee nut-cracking in Guinea, where I will be using traditional archaeological methods to investigate the ecological parameters that are driving the selection and re-use of specific locations by chimpanzees for nut-cracking activities. With this information I hope to develop a model that can help reconstruct early hominin landscape use and ranging patterns. Ultimately, I want to find out how our ancestors interacted with their landscape, how they made decisions about resource exploitation, and the conditions that led to the emergence of technology in the hominin lineage.

Previous Education

Master of Science (MSc) in Human Evolution and Behaviour, UCL (2015)
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Archaeological Science, University of Sheffield (2013)


The Boise Trust Fund Award – University of Oxford (2016)
Dean’s List for Academic Excellence – Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, UCL (2015)
Daryll Forde Studentship – Department of Anthropology, UCL (2014)
Kay Harvey Prize in Archaeological Science – Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield (2013)
Emily Willey Prize in Archaeology and Prehistory - Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield (2013)


Almeida-Warren, K., Sommer, V., Piel, A. and Pascual-Garrido, A. (under review) Raw material procurement for termite fishing tools by wild chimpanzees in the Issa valley, western Tanzania. Am J Phys Anthropol


Almeida-Warren, K. (2016) Thinking about a snack: How wild chimpanzees obtain raw materials for termite fishing tools. Inaugural MRC Research Conference, November 26, 2016. Magdalen College, Oxford.

Pascual-Garrido, A., Sommer, V. and Almeida-Warren, K. (2016) Raw material procurement for termite fishing tools in wild chimpanzees. PeerJ Preprints 4:e1844v1 

Almeida-Warren, K. and Pascual-Garrido, A. (2015) Raw material procurement for termite fishing tools in wild chimpanzees. Unpublished poster presentation at: 10th TAWIRI Scientific Conference. December 2, 2015. Arusha, Tanzania. 

Email: katarina.almeida-warren@anthro.ox.ac.uk

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