Dr Timothy Clack

timothy clack


Chingiz Gutseriev Research Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology
Fellow of St Peter’s College

Mursiland Heritage Project: https://mursi-archaeology.com/about-the-project/about-the-project/

My interdisciplinary research explores aspects of the relationship between the past and present. Current areas of research interest include: culture and conflict; heritage and identity; media and performance; ritual and religion; and experiential approaches to place.

After completing my PhD (Manchester, 2006), I held a series of lectureships at the University of Manchester and University of Oxford. I have been fortunate to conduct fieldwork in the Horn of Africa, Central Asia and the Caucasus. Recent projects have explored: changing understandings of heritage amongst cattle-herding nomadic communities (Omo Valley, Ethiopia); missionary activity and shifting religious identities in colonial settings (Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania); and the past as a driver of contemporary conflict (Northern Kenya and South-Central Somalia).

Contact details:

+44 (0)1865 278852


Selected Publications


Clack, T. (with M. Brittain) (eds) 2018. The River: Peoples and Histories of the Omo-Turkana Area. Oxford: Archaeopress.

Clack, T. (with R. Johnson) (eds) 2018. Before Military Intervention: Upstream Stabilisation in Theory and Practice. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Clack, T. (with R. Johnson) (eds) 2015. At the End of Military Intervention: Historical, Theoretical and Applied Approaches to Transition, Handover and Withdrawal. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Clack, T. 2008. Ancestral Roots: Modern Living and Human Evolution. Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan.

Clack, T. (with M. Brittain) (eds) 2007. Archaeology and the Media. London: Routledge.


Articles and Chapters

Clack, T. (with M. Brittain and D. Turton) 2017. Oral histories and the impact of archaeological fieldwork in contact encounters: meeting Socrates on the Omo. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 23(4): 669-89.

Clack, T. (with T. Insoll and O. Rege) 2015. Mursi ox modification in the lower Omo Valley and the interpretation of cattle rock art in Ethiopia. Antiquity 89: 91-105.

Clack, T. (with M. Brittain and J. S. Bonet) 2013. Hybridity at the contact zone: ethnoarchaeological perspectives from the lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 28(1): 133- 50.

Clack, T. (with M. Brittain) 2012. Pristine wilderness, participatory archaeology, and the custodianship of heritage in Mursiland. (In) T. Sternburg and L. Mols (eds) Changing Deserts: Integrating Environments and People. Cambridge: White Horse Press, pp. 192-212.

Clack, T. (with M. Brittain) 2011. Place-making, participative archaeologies and Mursi megaliths: some implications for aspects of pre- and proto-history in the Horn of Africa. Journal of Eastern African Studies 5(1): 85-107.

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Clack, T. 2009. Sheltering experience in underground places: thinking through precolonial Chagga caves on Mount Kilimanjaro. World Archaeology 41(2): 321-44.