Dr Timothy Clack

timothy clack


Chingiz Gutseriev Research Fellow in Archaeology and Anthropology
Fellow of St Peter’s College

Falklands War Mapping Project: https://cciproject.uk

Climate Change & (In)Security Project: https://www.falklandswarmappingproject.uk 

Mursiland Heritage Project: https://mursi-archaeology.com/about-the-project/about-the-project/

Tim’s research is interdisciplinary and explores aspects of the relationship between the past and present, the role of culture and heritage in conflict, different experiences of battlefields and material remains on them, and insecurity caused by, and human responses to, climate change.

After completing his PhD (Manchester, 2006), Tim held a series of lectureships at the University of Manchester and University of Oxford. He has been fortunate to conduct fieldwork in the Horn of Africa, South Atlantic, Central Asia, and the Caucasus. Past projects have, for example, explored: changing understandings of heritage amongst cattle-herding nomadic communities (Omo Valley, Ethiopia); missionary activity and shifting religious identities in colonial settings (Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania); the material legacy of deployed military forces (Falkland Islands), and the past as a driver of contemporary conflict (Northern Kenya and South-Central Somalia).

Tim’s current doctoral students research topics including: climate change as a driver of micro-conflict in Kenya; shifting identities on the Kenyan-Somali borderlands; sacred heritage of the Chinese diaspora; the impact of armed conflict and heritage destruction on communities in Mali and the Falkland Islands, and heritage safeguarding initiatives in parts of Italy.

Contact details:

+44 (0)1865 278852


Selected Publications


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Articles and Chapters

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