Dr Ridhi Kashyap

ridhi kashyap

Associate Professor in Demography

Professorial Fellow of Nuffield College

My research interests, broadly summarized below, span a number of substantive areas in demography and sociology, including gender, fertility and marriage, health and mortality, and ethnicity and migration. I am also interested in methodological innovations in population studies, especially agent-based modeling and microsimulation.

For access to published peer-reviewed articles, please see my google scholar page​. For forthcoming work, reports, or in case of difficulty accessing any papers, please contact me via email.

Gender and Demographic Change

My dissertation research examines the fertility and mortality dynamics of son preference, and the macro-level sex ratio imbalances at birth and childhood in populations these dynamics give rise to. In extensions of this work, I examine the implications of the female demographic deficit combined with female educational expansion for future population dynamics, such as marriage patterns.

Ethnicity, Religiosity and Migration

In this strand of research, I study the demographic characteristics and social behaviours and attitudes of ethnic minorities in Britain. I have also studied the demographic determinants and generational variations in religiosity and social attitudes among Muslim communities in Britain, and compared religiosity among different ethnic groups.


In ongoing work, I am interested in studying patterns of health and mortality in different parts of the world. In my dissertation, I focus on the sex-differentials in infant and child mortality in a global perspective. Other ongoing projects look at longevity and lifespan variation in the industrialized world. In policy-oriented research, I have worked on projects examining access to healthcare, and investments by international organizations in advanced medical technologies in different parts of the developing world.