Dr René Bobe

René Bobe

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Research Interests: Hominin palaeoecology, early hominin evolution, evolution of African mammals, conservation paleobiology, early South American primates 

I am a biological anthropologist and paleobiologist interested in the relationship between climate and evolution, with a focus on the environments and ecology of human origins in Africa. I study fossil mammals that provide long-term records of ecological and environmental change. My current research focuses on Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, where I co-direct paleontological research on new sites of late Miocene age, as well as modern landscapes in relation to conservation paleobiology. I have other paleontological projects focused on the paleoecology of early hominins in the Afar Region and the lower Omo Valley of Ethiopia, and the Lake Turkana Basin of Kenya. I am also interested in early South American primates, and have conducted paleontological research in Chilean Patagonia


(As of May 2020)

Edited books and volumes

Reynolds, S., Bobe, R. (Editors) (In press). African Paleoecology and Human Evolution. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 

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Journal articles, book chapters, scholarly publications 

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