Dr Marija Norkunaite

marija norkunaite photo

Postdoctoral Affiliate

Marija holds a DPhil in Area Studies (Russia and East Europe) from the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, and works in the field of political and economic anthropology. Her doctoral thesis studies Russian-speaking communities and their relations and lived experiences with the state in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Marija’s research contributes to the anthropology of the social contract by demonstrating how unable and/or unwilling to claim (full) membership, recognition, and care in the identitarian terms, the Russian-speaking (non-)citizens in the Baltics make claims towards the state primarily in terms of the social contract. Her broader research interests include the anthropology of the state, (post-)socialism, and neoliberalism, as well as citizenship, work, tax.

Marija is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Vilnius University, Lithuania. She is also a member of the Anthropology of Tax Network, with which she is working on the “Tax, Society, and People” knowledge exchange project, developing educational materials that introduce anthropological concepts on tax and taxation into citizenship education.