Dr Karin Kapadia

karin kapadia

Research Affiliate

Karin Kapadia is a social anthropologist focused on gender, Dalits and Tamil south India. She has taught at the LSE, SOAS, Sussex and Durham and has been an Associate and a Research Associate at Oxford University from 2005 to 2020, initially in the Development Studies Department, Queen Elizabeth House (2005-2010) and thereafter in the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies (2010-2020). Her publications include her monograph Siva and Her Sisters: Gender, Caste and Class in Rural South India (1995), and the edited books Rural Labour Relations in India (1999) (co-edited); The Worlds of Indian Industrial Labour (1999) (co-edited); The Violence of Development: The Politics of Identity, Gender and Social Inequalities in India (2002); Dalit Women: Vanguard of an Alternative Politics in India (2017) (co-edited) and many articles, the most recent being ‘“Mirrored in God”: Gramsci, Religion and Dalit Women Subalterns in South India’ (2019) and ‘Notes towards a Gramscian analysis of a pandemic year in India’ (2020).