Dr Felice Wyndham

felice wyndham


Research Affiliate

Dr Felice Wyndham is an anthropologist and ethnoecologist whose work has centered on how people understand the past and future in order to make sense of their current environments. With fieldwork primarily in Rarámuri communities in Northern Mexico and Ayoreo settlements in Paraguay, she has published widely in academic, poetry, and public science journals and has taught ecological anthropology in the US and Canada. Most recently she has been working with the Ethno-ornithology World Atlas research team in the School for Anthropology and Museum Ethnography as director of ethnoecology. She was PI of the 2017-2019 British Academy Knowledge Frontiers project Articulating Biocultural Values in Bird Conservation Networks from Local to Global: A Paraguayan Case. Her publications include co-editorship of the volume Ethnobiology and Biocultural Diversity (2002).

For more on her research and recent writing see www.narratinglandscapes.net.