Dr Anna Ulrikke Andersen

anna andersen


Postdoctoral Researcher

Anna Ulrikke Andersen is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the AHRC funded Disobedient Buildings project. In her work as an architectural historian and filmmaker, she is interested in the way film could be used as a method to explore our built environment and our experiences thereof, with a specific fascination for windows, trains, translation, phenomenology, and more recently chronic illness. She holds a PhD in Architectural Design from The Bartlett School of Architecture (2019), where her thesis titled "Ten Windows Following Christian Norberg-Schulz: framing, mobility and self-reflection explored through the fenestral essay film" looks at the window in the life and work of the Norwegian architectural theorist Christian Norberg-Schulz adopting a practice-led method of filmmaking. Her previous Postdoctoral experience includes a 2018/2019 Fellowship at the Harvard Film Study Center and a Visiting Scholarship at Vanderbilt University (2019). 

website: https://annaulrikkeandersen.com
twitter: https://twitter.com/AnnaUlrikkeA


Selected publications and screenings

Peer-Reviewed Journals: 

The Norwegian Institute in Rome” Screenworks, September 2019.

“The Death of the Chemist: the role of sound in the life and work of Christian Norberg-Schulz explored through the essay form in film and writing” in InForma Journal, 12, September 2019, 176-187.

“Translation in the Architectural Phenomenology of Christian Norberg-Schulz,” in Architectural Research Quarterly, 2018, 22:1, 81-90. DIO: 10.1017/S1359135518000088

Book chapters: 

“Architecture Experienced: Christian Norberg-Schulz’s autobiography” [“Experiencia de la Arquitectura: autobiografia de Christian Norberg-Schulz”] in Eficiencia + Experiencia: Hacia una arquitectura del confort. Eds. Rodrigo Velasco Gómez, Diego Chavarro Ayala, Juanita Botero López and Carlos Iván Rueda Plata, translated from English to Spanish by Constanza Morales Mair, 106 – 119. Bogotá: Universidad Piloto de Colombia, 2018.  

“Water: A Film in the Making?” in Film+Place+Architecture: Film as Resonance. Eds. Sander Hölsgens and Thi Phuong-Trâm Nguyen, 20 – 27. London: The Bartlett School of Architecture, 2017. 

Other publications:

Kjemikerens død [The Death of the Chemist]”, in Site-Writing, ed. by Jane Rendell, 01.04.2019.

"Agnès Varda in a Box: Inhabiting TOUT(e) VARDA” in Montages Magazine, 30.03.2019.


Cleaning at Utzons (2019), Official Selection at Architecture, Arts and Design Festival, Modernism Week, Palm Springs, LA, USA, 20-22.02.2020.

The Death of the Chemist (2016), The Norwegian Institute in Rome (2016) and Journey to Italy (2017), at Following Thinkers, at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 25.01.2020.

Architecture Beyond Sight (2019), at Arts Activated, Sydney, Australia, 22-23.08.2019. 

X for Methotrexate (2019), at Harvard Biorobotics Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA, 13.06.2019. 

The Death of the Chemist (2016), at InForma Event Series, the University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR, 27.03.2019. 

X / Earwitness (Co-Directed with Ruth Bernatek, 2018), at Whitechapel Gallery London, 13.10.2018.

Villa Casino (2018), at Crip Casino, Platform Southwark, London, UK, 03-04.08.2018. 

Journey to Italy (2017), at the Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Harstad, Norway, 21.10.2017. 

Calcata (2017), at The Making of an Architectural Essay film, at The 2017 Essay Film Festival, London, UK, 31.03.2017.