Dr Amy McLennan

mclennan amy


Research Affiliate

Dr Amy McLennan is a medical anthropologist whose work sits at the intersections of health, society, technology and ecology. She has been affiliated with the School of Anthropology since 2007, when she commenced her Masters in Medical Anthropology, funded by a Clarendon Scholarship. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the ANU School of Cybernetics.

As a medical anthropologist and ethnographic researcher, Amy works on complex topics that sit between fields and sectors, including obesity, food systems, chronic inflammation, endometriosis, cybernetics and health technology.

As an educator, she’s most at home teaching students how to make sense of complex topics and wrangle multiple perspectives with rigour, creativity, and a bit of a sense of humour. In Oxford, she has previously taught into the Human Sciences and Medicine undergraduate degrees, the Medical Anthropology masters degree, and various visiting student programs.

As a facilitator, she works best with cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and/or cross-generational groups who seek ways to collaborate to make something new. Her work has included workshop design and delivery for research groups, Australian federal government departments, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the International Olympic Committee.

As a policy analyst, she has collaborated on projects that span multiple government agencies, such as women’s safety, innovation, capacity building, technology procurement, and cyber security.

Amy’s publications can be found at https://amykmcl.com/