Dalton Price

dalton price


DPhil Student

Brasenose College

Dalton Price is a DPhil candidate in anthropology at the University of Oxford, where his research broadly focuses on the experiences of Venezuelans seeking refuge in Colombia’s borderlands. His research discards many Euro-American assumptions about what borders are and look like—high regulated and securitized spaces, perhaps with walls, immigration police, and formal border crossings—and instead examines a “border” that is much more porous, fuzzy, and unpredictable. 

Planning a career in industry, Dalton hopes to continue working in humanitarian, development, human rights, and governmental spaces following the DPhil. He has previously worked in technical roles with the Florida Department of Health, the World Health Organization, Partners In Health, Aetna-CVS Health, The Microbiome Coalition, The diaTribe Foundation, and other groups across four continents. He currently serves as a senior advisor to Generation Next, a United Nations-guided network working to equip youth with the tools to make change; HealthTrends.AI, a blockchain startup offering novel approaches to COVID-19 data management; and the Citizen Project, a start-up working to redesign disability education in Egypt.

In academia, Dalton was awarded summa cum laude by Cornell University’s Department of Anthropology for his research titled "Global Health's (Anti)Politics: A Comparative Ethnography of the World Health Organization and Partners In Health." Based on several months of ethnographic research at these two global health institutions, his research centered on how these groups differentially engage in politics and how global health, as an industry, is evolving alongside global politics. He is currently writing this research up for publication.

For this work, Dalton was awarded the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, Jack Kent Cooke International Award, Gateway Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fellowship, John F. Kennedy Memorial Award, Forbes Under 30 Award, and over 10 research grants. Additionally, he has published opinion pieces with HuffPost, Common Dreams, Global Health NOW, Daytona Beach News-Journal, and Cornell Daily Sun and contributed to pieces in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New Humanitarian, and ABC Action News.

Research interests: global health governance, migration and borders, infectious diseases, political economy of health, Latin America, NGOs and bureaucracy, applied anthropology

Personal website: www.daltonanthro.com
Twitter: @daltonprice386
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/daltonprice386 

Latest publication: Price, Dalton. 2021. “Diagnostic Citizenship and the Biopolitical Uptake of COVID-19 Detection.” Medicine Anthropology Theory 8(2), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.17157/mat.8.2.5129.