Dalton Price

dalton price


DPhil Student

Brasenose College

Dalton Price is a sociocultural anthropologist and DPhil researcher at the University of Oxford, where his research focuses on Venezuelan migration and Colombia-Venezuela border dynamics. He studies how people at this border build cross-border lives by traveling back and forth between Colombia and Venezuela, constantly comparing what each respective government offers and paving a path forward for themselves in the midst of economic precarity. He connects this to broader questions about what it means to live between two radically different regimes of governance, between capitalism and socialism, and what we might learn from those who do.

His previous research, which he is currently writing up for publication, focused on international development and humanitarian governance, specifically the logics, ethics, and histories that shape global health intervention. This research is based on an ethnography at the World Health Organization in Egypt and Partners In Health in Peru.

While based in the academy, Dalton continues his work in humanitarian, development, and governmental spaces. He currently serves in several leadership and advisory roles with the World Economic Forum, Generation Next-Voice of Youth, Society for Cultural Anthropology, HealthTrends.AI, Bibliobicicleta Foundation, and Panas Sin Límites. He also serves as an expert witness for Colombian and Venezuelan asylum cases in U.S. Immigration Court. Previously, Dalton has worked with the German Development Institute, Yale University, the Florida Department of Health, the World Health Organization, Aetna-CVS Health, the Microbiome Coalition, the diaTribe Foundation, and other groups across five continents. 

For this work, Dalton was awarded the Future Global Leaders Fellowship, Jack Kent Cooke International Award, Gateway Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fellowship, John F. Kennedy Memorial Award, Forbes Under 30 Award, Brasenose Senior Hulme Fellowship, and over $350,000 in research grants. He has published pieces with Medicine Anthropology Theory, Journal of Latino/Latin American Studies (JOLLAS), New York Daily News, HuffPost, Common Dreams, Global Health NOW, Guajira News, and Daytona Beach News-Journal and contributed to pieces in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New Humanitarian, and ABC Action News.

Research interests: migration, borders, Colombia, Venezuela, socialism and capitalism, global health, international development, political anthropology


Personal website: www.daltonanthro.com
Twitter: @daltonprice386
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/daltonprice386 

Recent publications:

Price, Dalton. Forthcoming. “Approaching Venezuelan Migration from the Borderland: Dynamics and Identity in La Guajira, Colombia.” Journal of Latino/Latin American Studies (JOLLAS)

Price, Dalton. Forthcoming. “Antimicrobial Resistance and Technical Programming.” In Routledge Handbook for Anthropology and Global Health, edited by Tsitsi Masvawure and Ellen Foley. New York: Routledge. 

Price, Dalton. 2022. “What About the Venezuelan Migrants?” New York Daily News.

Price, Dalton. 2022. “Who are the Privileged? Refugees, the Indigenous, and White People in La Guajira, Colombia.” Routed Magazine.

Price, Dalton. 2021. “Diagnostic Citizenship and the Biopolitical Uptake of COVID-19 Detection.” Medicine Anthropology Theory 8(2), 1-8. https://doi.org/10.17157/mat.8.2.5129.