Charlotte Hoskins

charlotte hoskins


DPhil Student, Social Anthropology

St Peter's College

Thesis: Gender & State: Relational Processes in Frontier Regions of Indigenous Guyana (working title)

Research interests: My research questions focus on relational processes of care and predation in the constitution of self and alterity in Lowland South America, specifically in the work of gendering bodies. Drawing from regional literature that understands these domains to be experienced as constantly in flux and actively maintained, I propose a detailed tracing of these ongoing processes. I hope to trace too, not in contrast but by way of spectrum, the technical processes that the state relies on in its own production of these categories. I flexibly anticipate that this will allow a rendering of how these simultaneous processes encounter, contest, and take on alterity in the formation and reformation of self, and how these processes may inform wider aims of well-being as well as the implications of retribution within these formative networks.

Other research interests: Technical Processes, Affect, Kinship, Violence, Justice, Aesthetics, Audiovisual and Material Anthropology, Archives