Andrés González Dinamarca

andres gonzalez dinamarca

DPhil Student

Harris Manchester College

Andrés González Dinamarca (Rancagua, 1991). I have two degrees in Social Anthropology (2019 and 2016) from the Universidad de Chile, and currently I am on the 2nd year of the DPhil in Anthropology (University of Oxford). My work focuses on Mapuche nation-people’s culture, from a perspective of epistemic justice and ontological self-determination. I am particularly interested in the interactions between humans and the spiritual world (cosmopolitics), through instances like dreaming and the ceremonial life, also in the development of Indigenous scholarship and self-representation. I am of Mapuche Pikumche descent, and I have engaged with the process of Mapuche cultural and linguistic revitalization in urban contexts since 2017.

  Currently I am the treasurer of the Oxford University Anthropological Society (OUAS).

Research: How life is. Mapuche epistemic structures and the nature of the real.

Research interests: ontological turn, contemporary ethnography, Indigenous scholars, decolonization, history of anthropology, South American ethnology.


(2017). "La invención de la cosmovisión mapuche en la antropología de María Ester Grebe", Actas del IX Congreso de Antropología Chileno, Castro, Chile.

Papers presented:

(2019a). "The immediation of the divine. Notes on Mapuche spiritual entanglement", ASA19, Norwich, UK.
(2019b). "Ad mongen. La teoría cosmovisional y la antropología mapuche", X Congreso de Antropología Chileno, Temuco, Chile.

Other resources:

Interview from the Chilean Anthropologists Association, about the ethnographic work of Dr. María Ester Grebe (1928-2012)f, August 2020 (in Spanish).

Opinion column published in Le Monde Diplomatique (Chilean edition), November 2021 (in Spanish).