Andrés González Dinamarca

andres gonzales dinamarca

DPhil Student

Harris Manchester College

Graduated from the Universidad de Chile (Lic. 2017, Tít. 2019).

Thesis: ‘How life is: Mapuche epistemic structures and the nature of the real’ (working title)

Research interests: I am interested in Indigenous epistemologies, ontologies, and self-determination processes around the globe, as well as the presence of Indigenous scholars in the academe. I propose an anthropological praxis of ‘respect’ to overcome enduring biases in terms of how Indigenous lives and cultures are represented.

I was the treasurer of the Oxford University Anthropological Society (OUAS) and the president of the Oxford Chilean Society during 2021-22. I am currently conducting fieldwork in South America.

Selected resources:

Dinamarca, A.G. 2023. ‘Oxford in the ‘New World’: Notes for a Genealogy of the Anthropology of South America’, Histories of Oxford Anthropology Project

2022. ‘Fifty years of Cosmovision Mapuche’ Conference about the ethnomusicologist María Ester Grebe’s work in Mapuche territory, Department of Anthropology, Universidad de Chile: