Medical Anthropology Research Seminars

We convene a series of Medical Anthropology Research Seminars each year during Michaelmas or Hilary terms. Through these seminars our students have opportunities for in-depth discussion with both young researchers (doctoral or post-doctoral level) and leaders in the field, who represent a wide range of topical and ethnographic specialties.

Anthropological Approaches to Self Care (MT 2018 seminar series)

Past seminar series included:

  • Smell, taste, Food and Disease (MT 2017)
  • Mental Health: Medical Anthropological Approaches (MT 2016)
  • Evolutionary Thinking in Medicine (HT 2016)
  • Ethnography in Focus (HT 2015)
  • Medical Anthropology (HT 2014)
  • Neoliberalism and Health (HT 2013)
  • The Anthropology of Genomics and Biomedical Technologies (HT 2012)
  • Psychiatric Anthropology and Clinical Ethnography (HT 2011)
  • Bodies in Transformation (HT 2010)
  • Materiality in Medicine (HT 2009)
  • Vitality-enhancing Body Substances (ESRC-funded, HT 2008)
  • Medical Ecology of Childhood (HT 2007)
  • Souls and Spirits in the Context of Healing (HT 2006)
  • Anthropology and Epidemiology (HT 2005)
  • Ethnobotany, Health and Healing (HT 2004)
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAM): Anthropological Perspectives (HT 2003)
  • The Human Genome, the New Genetics, and Anthropology (HT 2002)

Medical anthropologists at Oxford convene additional ongoing seminars through specialist research groups:

Medical anthropologists also take part in several informal discussion groups and student-led seminars, which are sometimes College-based.