Frequent questions (DPhil Research)

Frequent questions (DPhil Research)

Transfer/Confirmation of Status Assessment work - can it be given directly to assessors?

Yes it can.

My Transfer/Confirmation is due this term. Does this mean I have to apply by the end of Week 8 or by the end of the vacation?

Under the Exam regulations, milestones must be completed by the end of the term in which they are due (which includes the vac following the term). This means that your application form, GSO2 or GSO14, must be signed by the Director of Graduate Studies to confirm that your assessors' report (recommending a pass) has been approved, no later than Friday of Week 0. In order to complete transfer or confirmation within the term you will need to make your application several weeks earlier to allow time for the assessors to hold the interview and submit their report. Check with the department about the specific hand-in deadlines for each term. Your application form must be signed by your supervisor(s) and college before you hand it in with your written work.

I have been given leave to supplicate but haven't graduated yet. Can I get a letter to confirm that I've successfully completed my DPhil?

Degree confirmation letters are available to students and alumni by registering for the eDocuments service. More information about obtaining a letter can be found here under the heading ‘Digital Degree Confirmation Letters’.

I have been given leave to supplicate but I haven't graduated? Can I use the title of Dr?

No. Your graduation, in person or in absentia, is the point at which the degree of DPhil is officially awarded and you may only use the title of Dr after graduating.

I need to submit an application to transfer of status form but I'm not in Oxford. What should I do?

Complete the form as a Word document and then type your name in the signature box (unless you can add a digital signature) and send it by email to your supervisor(s), then your college office and then to the Graduate Courses Administrator for DGS approval.

When is the best time to submit the appointment of examiners form?

As soon as you have a realistic submission date, but ideally 4-6 weeks before submission.  The thesis will not be sent to the examiners until they have replied to the formal invitation so it is much quicker if this is done before submission.

How do I submit my DPhil thesis?

You will find information here for submitting your DPhil thesis. Please also read the GSO.20a Notes of Guidance for further information. You will need to upload your thesis to the RTDS portal.

How do I order transcripts and on-course transcript/confirmation of study letter?

Transcripts are available from the University Shop. Unofficial confirmation letters can be requested from Mel Goodchild in the School General Office.

When do I submit fieldwork risk assessments and CUREC forms?

Forms should be submitted at least eight weeks before travel and/or fieldwork. Tickets should not be purchased or research carried out before receiving approval. Further details here.

Can I receive financial help with writing up?

Yes, we offer bursaries for help with writing up. Please contact Kate Atherton.

How soon can I submit my thesis after achieving confirmation of status?

There has to be a minimum of 3 months between achieving confirmation of status and submitting your thesis

For PRS/DPhil students, what is the difference between deferral and extension?

A deferral is to defer the submission date of transfer or confirmation of status. An extension is to extend your time on the DPhil

How do I extend my visa?

Please email the Graduate Studies Administrator in division on