Zhenjiu 针灸 (Acupuncture) Needling and Moxibustion for Attuning Qi

王有钧Wang Youjun is Senior Consultant of TCM, Registered Doctor (China), Chair of the Academic Committee and Adviser of FTCMP (UK), Professor at the Dan Huang TCM Academy (UK), Editor of The Journal of Chinese Medicine in the United Kingdom (JCMUK). After graduating at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) in 1992, he worked for the Teaching Hospital of the Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine before he started his TCM career in the UK in 2006. He has served as the Executive Vice President of FTCMP (UK) and as Chief Editor of JCMUK during 2013-2015. Besides clinical work in the past 30 years he has devoted himself to the study of restoring the original doctrines and methods of the Inner Classic 内经 (Suwen素问and LingShu 灵枢) and of summarising the basic principles of Chinese herbal medicine. As one result of his efforts, Notes on the  Study of the Internal Classic 内经 研习录 was published by the People's Medical Publishing House (China). To find the original ideas of the classics of Chinese Medicine, his explanations and notes strictly follow the narration of the text and dig deeply into the meaning of keywords.

徐军Xu Jun studied at the Medicine Department (Bachelor of Medicine in English) of  Shandong Medical University (now Shandong University) in 1980 ~ 1986 and worked at Beijing Medical University (now Beijing University) after graduation. In the year 2000, he came to the UK to establish a TCM Centre together with Professor Chen Naiming, a nationally renowned senior Chinese medical doctor. For over 20 years, he learned and/or upgraded various acupuncture methods. In 2007-2018, he performed pre-hospital first aid with success, and created his own first aid method on site, including "two methods and one acupoint".

In 2018, he proposed the "Secondary Stress Reaction Hypothesis" regarding non-medicinal pre-hospital first aid, and the "Contraindications of Acupoint DU26". In daily clinical practice, he endeavours to eliminate any potential "placebo effect" in acupuncture therapy via "de-suggestive" or "counter-suggestive" approach. In treating metabolic diseases gauged by laboratory test indicators, he explored the combination of "forward treatment" and "reverse treatment" so as to highlight the specific effects of acupuncture. He is currently Chairman of the Development Committee in FTCMP.

ArgO-EMR Seminars Hilary 2024

Wednesdays at 2pm of Weeks 1, 3, 5 and 7 in the Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road, and on MS Teams

Theme: Qi energetics in Chinese medicine

Convened by Elisabeth Hsu and Wang Yangzihan