The EvoDiet Workshop

What do we know about the evolution of diet in Hominin and Primates? What does it tell us about the so-called PaleoDiet? What implications for food studies?
Short talks (2-5 pm, including a 30 min tea break)
Dr. Giuseppe Donati - Oxford Brookes University
Coping with an Island Environment: Evolution of Lemur Nutritional Flexibility
Dr. Scott Blumenthal - Oxford Archaeology
The Evolution of Hominin and Primate Diets in Africa
Prof. Stanley Ulijaszek - Oxford Anthropology
Bitter Sweet Adaptation
Keynote speaker
Prof. Donata Luiselli - University of Bologna, Italy
How Diet Shaped the Human Genome: Some Evolutionary Genetic Case Studies
Drinks @ the Lamb & Flag (5-6.30pm)
Please RSVP : as soon as possible - First come first served basis (only 30 places available)
Prof. Luiselli is the group leader of the Laboratory of Molecular Anthropology of the Dept. of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, University of Bologna. Her research interests include the study of gene-culture co-evolution, of the impact of selective pressures (such as climate, diet, nutrition, pathogens) on human genetic background, of the epigenetic differences in human populations, of the genetic variability in taste perception, on the role of biodemography and genetic population structure in health and disease predisposition. In particular, her recent research topics are related to the application of basic evolutionary principles, derived from biology and population genetics models, to understand human susceptibility to diseases.