The Borders of Capitalism: Technology, Governance, Migration

The event sparks a discussion among diverse approaches to borders, migration, and capitalism within the research of Robin Cohen (Prof. Emeritus), Ruben Andersson (Prof.), Emre Korkmaz (PhD), Maria Godin (PhD), and Ibrahim Ince.

Korkmaz's new book on the rising surveillance technologies at borders, Smart Borders, Digital Identity, and Big Data, will be discussed. Andersson's coauthored book on the global economy of wrecking, Wreckonomics, Godin’s postdoctoral project, Refugees, Social Protection, and Digital Technologies, Ince's DPhil project on the normalisation of the 'inconvenient border' in Cyprus, as well as Cohen's decades-long academic publications on borders, migration, and diasporas, are brought into dialogue with Korkmaz’s book.