Susan Young presents two short autoethnographic films, 'It Started with a Murder' and 'The Betrayal'

In It Started with a Murder (2013, 2.50 mins) a man tries to murder his wife. Memories of the event are explored through the juxtaposition of images of light, flesh, blood and legal documents in this silent film. In The Betrayal (2015, 5.40 mins) a woman trusts her psychiatrist but becomes emmeshed in his prescriptive web. Terrified of her doctor, and in despair at the possibility of escape, she sees only one way out. At its dark heart, The Betrayal is a twisted, deadly love affair.

Susan Young is a BAFTA-nominated animation director. She is currently working on a PhD at the Royal College of Art, London, concerned with animation's capacity as a medium for processing psychological trauma.

GTC Medical Anthropology Film and Discussion Group - Film Programme Michaelmas 2018

'First do no harm?' Mental health, healers and stigma in ethnographic focus

GTC Barclay Room

3.30-5pm, Tuesdays (Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8)

Convened by Dr Neil Armstrong