The Globally Familiar: Digital hip hop and gendered aspirations in urban India

International Gender Studies Lecture 2020

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In the last decade, access to digital communication technologies have created opportunities for young people on the margins of the national imaginary in India to take part in transnational media worlds. In my recent book I use the globally familiar as an analytic to engage with the recursive effects of online media consumption, production, and circulation amongst young migrant men in Delhi who invest in the Black aesthetics of hip hop. In this talk I reflect on how the social and economic opportunities that have emerged for these young men as a result of their online/offline hip hop play, eight years since I first started fieldwork with them, continue to shape their gendered aspirations in and through circuits of late capitalism.    

ISCA Seminar Series Michaelmas 2020

To be held online on Teams (the joining link will be added above)

3pm, Fridays (Weeks 1-8)

Convened by Harvey Whitehouse and Nayanika Mathur