ASA Conference 2018: Closing Keynote Lecture

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ASA2018, 18-21 September
The University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes University


Rita Astuti (LSE) will deliver the conference closing keynote lecture on Anthropology and Psychology: Finding Common Grounds.

Anthropology and psychology have had a cold relationship (with some notable exceptions on both sides). As a result, extreme and seemingly irreconcilable positions have emerged, in ignorance of each other’s empirical findings and theoretical advances. In this lecture, I will illustrate ways in which both disciplines can re-engage with each other constructively and respectfully, thus providing a better analysis of how human beings understand and act in the world.

rita astuti

Rita Astuti is Professor of Anthropology the London School of Economics. Her research has focused on a fishing village in Madagascar. She has published an ethnographic monograph on kinship, death and identity (People of the Sea 1995, CUP). In collaboration with developmental psychologists, she has reanalysed her ethnographic findings through the use of experimental techniques (for example, in Constraints on Conceptual Development, 2004, SRCD Monographs). In her publications and in her teaching, she has advocated a closer integration between anthropology and psychology. For further information, please click here.


The Call for Papers is now closed. Registration for the conference will open on 4 June. Please see the conference registration website here.