The School welcomes Thomas Püschel, the new Associate Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology

thomas puschel

We are delighted to announce that Dr Thomas Püschel will join the School this August as Associate Professor in Evolutionary Anthropology, affiliated with St Hugh's College.

I am interested in answering questions about how and why the human and primate bodies have become the way they currently are and whether there is any relationship between behaviour and the way primates look. As a result, I am interested in key adaptations defining different stages of primate and human evolution and the pressures responsible for different evolutionary transitions. To achieve this, I have led on projects bridging together biological anthropology, palaeontology, and evolutionary biology, using cutting-edge informatic techniques to analyse genetic, anatomical, ecological, and other kinds of data. My main goal is to elucidate the evolutionary pathways that lead to present-day variation in primates and examine how anatomical changes in deep time are connected to diversity, adaptation, and function.