The Disobedient Buildings Podcast joins the Oxford Podcasts stream

After two years of researching Disobedient Buildings in London, Bucharest and Oslo, season one of the Disobedient Buildings Podcast is now available on Oxford Podcasts.  

Led by the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography’s Professor Inge Daniels, across ten episodes the research team explores how inhabitants of blocks of flats experience disobedience, urban development, home ownership, inequality and health. The series features a range of interviews with local academics and professionals working in housing including Professor Danny Dorling from Oxford’s School of Geography and the Environment (Ep.2), Ilinca Păun-Constantinescu, lecturer at the University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest (Ep.6), and Tom Davies from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (Ep.7).

Further information about the podcast series and the research project can be found on the Disobedient Buildings website.
disobedient buildings podcast