Communication as Emergence and Possibility

the transformative materiality of meaning making

Congratulations to our Emeritus Professor David Parkin whose book, The Transformative Materiality of Meaning-Making, was published in August by Multilingual Matters. 

David has written a post about the book's focus for the publisher's blog

Words, and other forms of communication such as bodily gesture, facial expression, tone of voice or written text, are never innocent. They may hurt or soothe, please and enlighten, often in unexpected ways. They may also invite responses which may counter or reinforce the emotion expressed in the utterance, whether negative or positive. Or the speaker may expect silence as validating his/her authority over the listener. The listener may reject the speaker’s status and so redefine him/her and therefore themself.

You can read more of the post, entitled Communication as Emergence and Possibility, on the publisher website.