School Newsletter 2018 - Diversifying Portraiture at the Tylor Library

The Tylor Library currently has busts of Evans-Pritchard, Frazer, and Tylor.  Whilst their contribution to the discipline remains valuable, the Library is keen to represent anthropologists from communities that have been under-represented.  Thus in 2018 the Tylor aims to diversify portraiture in the Library.

Staff and students have nominated an anthropologist that has inspired them from communities currently under-represented, eg people of colour, women, LGBTQ+.  The nominator has also submitted a short piece of writing explaining the nominee's importance to them and to the discipline.

The project will launch at the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth’s 2018 conference which is being held in Oxford, with the nominated anthropologists featuring in an exhibition in the Examinations School.  After the conference the posters will be displayed around the department.

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