RAI FILM festival 2021

The School is delighted to support the Royal Anthropological Insitute's 17th RAI FILM festival (19-28 March) which launches at 4pm Friday 12 February 2021. 

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The festival celebrates the best in ethnographic, anthropological and archaeological filmmaking from around the globe. This year it will run online, over ten days, showing eighty films, 165 presentations, roundtables, talks, workshops and live Q&As with filmmakers. Dr Dolores Martinez joins the esteemed panel of judges this year.

The festival conference theme is 'Creative Engagment with Crisis'. 

At the present moment crises appear to be everywhere – whether they be health, ecological, climatic, social, industrial, political, collective or personal. Whilst Covid-19 has catapulted us into an unprecedented global situation, anthropologists have been grappling with crises of various kinds and magnitudes well before this moment.

We asked those working in the fields of visual anthropology, ethnographic film and adjacent disciplines to reflect on the notion of crises and the creative engagements they engender. How are visual anthropologists and the communities that have been working with responding to the crises of our times? How might research work in film and related media help us to move beyond the disruption and despair to renew and rethink visual and sensory anthropology? What is the place of creativity, resilience, agency and hope in these responses?

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