MSc Migration Studies

A series of podcasts related to the MSc in Migration Studies. This interdisciplinary, 9-month Masters degree at Oxford University is jointly offered by the School of Anthropology and the Oxford Department of International Development. The course draws on the intellectual resources of its two parent departments and the three world-leading migration research centres at Oxford (COMPASIMI and RSC). The programme allows students to explore human mobility in a historical and global perspective, and to address the complex relations between global political economy, migratory experiences, and government and social responses.  Further information here

In this Migration Studies lecture, Sarah Spencer (COMPAS) examines the place of research in policy making by focusing on the role of social scientists and how they can stay in control of their research.

The Public Policy of Migration by Dr Sarah Spencer (6 December 2013)

In this lecture for the MSc in Migration Studies, Professor Michael Keith (Director of COMPAS) discusses how ideas travel as well as people.

The Sociology of Migration by Professor Michael Keith (12 November 2013)

Professor Bridget Anderson discusses her research interests and teaching migration at Oxford in this interview with doctoral student Carolin Fischer.

Migration at Oxford by Professor Bridget Anderson (21 October 2013)

In this podcast, Emeritus Professor Robin Cohen shares how he first became interested in migration through his own experiences as a migrant.

Migration at Oxford by Professor Robin Cohen (5 September 2013)

Professor Michael Keith shares some insight into his research interests, how he first became interested in migration and his involvement in the MSc Migration Studies course.

Migration at Oxford by Professor Michael Keith (12 August 2013)

In this podcast Farhan Samanani interviews MSc Migration Studies lecturer Dr Evelyn Ersanilli to find out more about her research, and the advantages of studying migration and working at the University of Oxford.

Migration research at Oxford by Dr Evelyn Ersanilli (25 July 2013)

MSc Migration Studies course convener, Dr Xiang Biao provides some insight into the course in this interview with doctoral student Carolin Fischer.

Studying migration at Oxford by Dr Xiang Biao (4 July 2013)

This podcast presents a panel discussion on 'why people migrate', convened as part of the introductory lecture of this MSc course.

Panel discussion: why do people migrate? (With Carlos Vargas-Silva, Bridget Anderson, Franck Düvell, Mette Berg; 5 June 2013)

In this podcast Dr Mette Louise Berg talks to four students who completed the MSc Migration Studies in the summer of 2012 about why they decided to come to Oxford, what it has been like to study migration in Oxford, and what their future plans are. The podcast will be of particular interest to anyone considering applying to the MSc Migration Studies degree. With thanks to the students: Saskia Blume, Tess Hellgren, Katyana Melic, Gustavo Rangel Guerrero.​

Roundtable discussion about studying migration at Oxford (podcast September 2012)


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