Luke de Noronha

Luke de Noronha

DPhil Student

Green Templeton College

My doctoral research explores deportation from the UK to Jamaica. Specifically, I am focusing on the life stories of five individuals who moved to the UK as children, and were deported as adult men, following interaction with the criminal justice system. I have conducted fieldwork in Jamaica, on two separate research trips. I have also met with friends and family members of these deported persons in the UK. I want to offer portraits of people who have been deported from their homes in the world, and reflect on what their biographies tell us about immigration control and race in contemporary Britain. 


‘Deportation Disks’ (audio project - telling research in desert island disks format)

IMI/COMPAS Working Paper: ‘Unpacking the figure of the ‘foreign criminal’: race, gender and the victim-villain binary’ (available online)

No Tears Left To Cry (December 2016) – VICE News

Immigration Detention and Deportation: A View from JamaicaNovara Media

Deportation and multi-status Britain (October 2016) – Discover Society 

Two Flights: The Deportation Game (March 2016) – Lacuna Magazine 

Borders are a weapon of racism and austerity, not a solution to either (September 2016) – Ceasefire Magazine

Challenging stereotypes without glossing over male violence: the ‘maleness’ of researcher and researched (January 2016) 

Victims of trafficking and foreign criminals: constructing the state as our (masculine) saviour (March 2015) 


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