Lena Rose

DPhil Student

St Cross College

Thesis: Transnationalism, Colonialism, and Transcendence: Palestinian Evangelicals and Global Evangelicalism

Research: My PhD research is concerned with 'encounters across difference' in the context of global evangelicalism. I conducted fieldwork in Nazareth, Israel-Palestine, as well as different locations in the West Bank, studying encounters of evangelical Christian North American and European tourists, missioniaries and volunteers with Palestinian evangelicals. Unlike previous research on religion in the Middle East, I consider my respondents as part of a transnational social field of evangelicalism, which renders visible the religious community of Palestinian evangelicals so far ignored in anthropological research on Palestinian Christianity. This lens reveals that the encounters and resulting relationships between Western and Palestinian Christians are shaped by history and culture, and the uneven flows of resources, people, ideas and doctrines along their links are subject to resistance, negotiation and facilitation. In my fieldwork, I have paid particular attention to religious texts such as biblical scripture, and the ways in which these are endowed with cultural and political meanings (using Wimbush's concept of 'scripturalisation'), leading to often opposing social and political commitments.

I am based at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, and supervised by Prof Bridget Anderson and Prof Michael Keith..

Email: lena.rose@stx.ox.ac.uk
URL: https://oxford.academia.edu/LRose


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