Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard

Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard

DPhil, Social and Cultural Anthropology

St John's College

Thesis: What is digital morphogenesis? Enacting technology, creativity and form in digital architecture

Research: MMy research focuses on the implementation of digital tools and technologies in architectural practice with a specific focus on how these technologies change creative work and decision-making as well as ideas about form and materiality. By focusing on how building technologies are enacted within the digital design studio, I explore how affordances and constraints of the digital realm and specific institutional settings shape work and cognition while also seeking to understand how the technical tools and artefacts of a specialised field of practice might impact processes of large scale change and innovation.

Other research interests: Science and technology studies, material culture, infrastructure, automation, work, embodied and enactive cognition, extended mind.

'Technics, risk and uncertainty in automated finance'. Paper delivered at Civilisation, Infrastructure and the City symposium, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, London. 7 November 2014.

'Navigating infrastructure and violence in the wake of the 2007-8 Kenyan post-election crisis'. Paper delivered at Futures in the Making – Youth Conflict and Potentiality conference, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 20-21 January 2011.

Email: kare.poulsgaard@anthro.ox.ac.uk 

Kåre is supervised by Professor Steve Rayner and Dr Lambros Malafouris