Julio Rodriguez Stimson

julio rodriguez

DPhil Student, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Linacre College

Thesis: Climate Change on the Galapagos Islands: Cultural Translation, Perception & Response

Research: People around the world are already feeling the effects of climate change, but we still know very little about how this is experienced, comprehended or acted upon. Hence, anthropologists have a vital role in conducting multi-sited ethnographies that help localise and materialise climate change. This project will carry out ethnographic fieldwork about how farmers, fishermen, scientists and the tourism sector understand the discourse of climate change, perceive changes in their environment, and act upon their beliefs of future risks.

Research interests: environmental anthropology, climate change, Galapagos Islands

Email: Julio.rodriguezstimson@linacre.ox.ac.uk

Julio is co-supervised by Thomas Thornton