João Coelho

joao coelho

DPhil Student 

St Catherine's College

I am a self-taught programmer with an academic background in biological anthropology. I did my masters in human evolution and biology at the University of Coimbra, while simultaneously create where I worked extensively with 3D printing and photogrammetry, and also developed web applications for estimation of biological parameters (sex, ancestry, age-at-death, stature) from skeletal features. Recently, I also co-founded the first portuguese junior enterprise focused in data science - - where I worked with machine learning and bioinformatics projects, and led workshops of statistics, R and Python programming. My research interests are in geospatial paleoanthropology, geometric morphometrics and osteology, from both forensic and evolutionary perspectives. I'm currently doing my DPhil on automated geospatial search for fossil sites in Africa: a computer vision and machine learning approach.