Janamarie Truesdell

Janamarie Truesdell

DPhil, Social and Cultural Anthropology

Wolfson College

Thesis: Assessing the Effects of Pregnancy on the Face of the Pubic Symphysis: Implications for Ageing

Research: As a forensic anthropologist, Janamarie explores the complexities of human variation from the perspective of the skeleton, investigating the extent to which our daily lives impact, or imprint upon, our physical selves. Through participant interviews and observation, coupled with medical imaging, her current research seeks to determine what effect, if any, the pregnancy hormone Relaxin has on the transition phases of epiphyseal attachement at the pubic symphysis, an area of the pelvis important for estimating age.

Other research interests: Forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, biological and evolutionary anthropology, genetics and epigenetics, medical imaging technology, kinesiology, taphonomy, pathology and anatomy, history of medicine.

Emails: jana.truesdell@anthro.ox.ac.uk and janamariet@gmail.com

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