Jaanika Vider

Jaanika Vider

DPhil Student

St Cross College

Thesis: Marginal anthropology? Rethinking Maria Czaplicka and the development of British anthropology from a material history perspective

Research: Jaanika’s DPhil thesis focuses on the career of an early female anthropologist, Maria Czaplicka, the expedition she led to North Central Siberia in 1914, and the museum collections born out of this expedition and their place in the history of anthropology. This research attempts to understand the dynamic between students and teachers, focusing on the first generation of academically trained fieldworkers and subsequently considering their role in propelling anthropology further. It further studies the changing relationship between museums and field anthropology, role of collections, gender issues and the tensions between anthropology’s scientific endeavors and need for popularisation of anthropology. 

Research interests: history of science, role of women in early academia, museum studies, philosophy of history, material and visual anthropology, Arctic anthropology. 

URL: https://oxford.academia.edu/JaanikaVider

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