Elodie Freymann

elodie freymann

DPhil Student

Keble College

Thesis: Modes of Intergenerational Transmission of Self-Medicative Knowledge in Primates? Investigating potential indicators of self-medicative behaviours.

Research Interests: I am a first year DPhil student under the supervision of Dr Susana Carvalho and Dr. Michael Huffman (Kyoto University). My research focuses on the transmission of self-medicative behaviours in chimpanzees, specifically between mothers and infants. I hope to further investigate the modes of transmission through which self-medicative information is passed down between generations. To do this I will be looking specifically at gestural signals and the distribution of medicinal resources in primate home ranges.

Previous Education:

MSc in Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, University of Oxford (2020)
BA in Anthropology, Brown University (2018)

Lab: Primate Models for Behavioural Evolution Lab
Email: elodie.freymann@anthro.ox.ac.uk