Dr Venetia Congdon

Venetia Congdon

Postdoctoral Associate

Venetia completed her doctorate in Social Anthropology at Oxford University in October 2015. The title of her thesis was 'Nourishing the Nation: Manifestations of Catalan Identity through Food', where she considered how food is used to express national identity in Catalonia, an autonomous community in northeast Spain. The background of this research was the rise in support for political independence from Spain. Her primary research interests include the anthropology of food, gastronationalism, and the role of culture and everyday experience in political movements. Her other research interests include the anthropology of Europe and the European Union, anthropology of financial institutions, heritage, tourism, folklore and witchcraft. Venetia hopes to carry out further research into the relationship between food and national identities in other parts of Europe, specifically Scotland, to gain a comparative understanding of gastronationalisms.

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