Dr Tara Tasuji

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Postdoctoral Affiliate

Tara’s doctoral thesis The Role of Autobiographical Reasoning in the Shared Experience Pathway to Identity Fusion (University of Oxford, 2020) investigated if and how self-defining memories about emotionally intense experiences that are thought to be shared with others can give rise to strong social bonds in children, adolescents, and first-time mothers, in effect fusing together their personal and group identities. Tara argued that autobiographical memories about shared emotionally intense or painful experiences are the means by which autobiographical reasoning and other event-related mechanisms can lead to identity fusion in these populations. Her thesis also explored the potential for identity fusion to be harnessed for psychological health benefits. 


Tasuji, T., Reese, E., van Mulukom, V., & Whitehouse, H. (In press). Band of mothers: Childbirth as a female bonding experience. PLoS ONE.